Inbound Call Center

Expertly Trained Operators for Exceptional Customer Interaction

There’s nothing more important to a company than the personal contact between those who represent the enterprise and its customers. The operators at Advance Communications are carefully selected and trained to provide the skills and the sound that will help you achieve your objectives. Each receives up to three months of monitored telephone training to ensure your clients receive professional, responsive assistance.

Our inbound call center provides a range of services from order taking to web site customer support. We ensure each operator has access to enough information about your business to effectively describe and answer questions about your organization, products, and services. Here is just a selection of what we can do for you. If your specific needs aren’t on the list, that’s just because you haven’t asked us yet!

We Help You Sell More Products, Process More Orders, Sign Up More Registrants

This includes but is not limited to the following:

  • Catalog Order Processing – When a prospect is thumbing through your catalog and then calls to place an order, the experience becomes infinitely more positive when they can speak to a friendly, reassuring operator capable of answering all their questions and making the experience as positive as can be.
  • Web Site Support – Your web site may be one of the keys to your success, but many people are still reluctant to place their orders online, especially when they have a need or desire to speak to someone in the process. At Advance Communications, we help turn “doubters” into customers.
  • Dealer Locator – We help your customers find out where a specific meeting or event is taking place, or where they can make a retail purchase. We provide them with everything they need to know based on your selection criteria.
Shot of call center operators working in the office. Call center agent working with his colleagues in modern office. Smiling handsome businessman working in call center.

Information Gathering: Everything Our Operators Need To Know

All the data you want our operators to have at their disposal appears on a monitor the minute your phone rings. Frequently asked questions regarding location, current pricing – even your latest status and availability – are transmitted to your caller per your exact instructions.

Shot of call center operators working in the office. Call center agent working with his colleagues in modern office. Smiling handsome businessman working in call center.
  • Forms Completion and Processing – We help take the stress out of forms completion. Order forms, registration forms, lead retrieval information…when your clients or prospects call, our operators ask the questions, complete the forms and send the information to you in a convenient format of your choosing.
  • Scripted Response Surveys – In many cases, our operators are assisted by on-screen scripts to help them navigate through a series of questions. We can create a customized scripted response for almost any situation.
  • Membership and Event Registration – Are you organizing an event, trade show, educational course…or anything of the kind? We’ll give your callers the options you provide and enroll them with all the necessary information you and they both require. We also take complete credit card information when required.
  • Servicing of Direct Response Programs – When you mail out a direct response piece, our operators are standing by to handle any inbound calls to provide additional information, handle a registration, or process an order for your product or service.

No Matter What Your Need Is, We Can Handle That!

Do you run an auto donation service? That’s an Advance Communications specialty. We make certain the donor’s car qualifies, then gather the information and explain what happens next. Or perhaps you run a self-help group? We’re rich in experience here as well, providing callers with information regarding meeting locations and times that suit their needs.

And please remember, we love special requests and new assignments. Whatever the need, suffice it to say that we’ll work closely with you to provide it, no matter how customized your requirements. Contact us today, and learn how “We Can Handle That” with unique efficiency and skill.

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