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In Their Own Words.


While we work long and hard to maintain high quality standards, the ultimate measure of our value is customer feedback. If there are areas in which we need to improve, we want to hear about them right away so we can implement corrective action.

When we've met or exceeded your expectations, we hope you'll share that feedback with us as well.

Here are a few comments that reflect our value to others:

  • "We have trusted Advance Communications to provide quality answering services for many years. Notifying staff of patient emergencies or urgent messages on a consistent basis is necessary in our field. As an on-call nurse, I can say the service we have received is professional, efficient, friendly and reliable. As a nursing supervisor, I am confident that my nurses' messages are delivered accurately and in a timely manner."
    -Maureen F.,RN (Visiting Nurse Association)
  • "Advance Communications has always gone a step above to make sure our donors feel safe with their donations to our charity clients. They are reliable, dependable, and trustworthy and have provided us accurate information for over five years now. They are our front office and we feel they are truly an extension of our business and part of our team."
    -Robert, President of Auto Donation Organization
  • "My business requires personal attention. At Advance Communications I always receive personal attention. I know everyone and they meet all the needs required for my business. I know my patients are going to be taken care of in an emergency. The service is the best. I can't say enough about it." 
  • The staff and administration at Advance Communications truly care about the success of my business. I know that when I leave for the day, my clients are going to be taken care of and I will be notified with any emergencies promptly.
    -John, Law Office
  • I have trusted Advance Communications for many years now. Right from the beginning, they made sure my needs were met…and my phones were answered. Whether they are answering for me during the day, or at night, I always know they will be professional and courteous.
    -Thomas, Plumbing and Heating
  • "Advance Communications really knows their business. They anticipate your needs and ask questions ahead of time. The result is a professional, well run and reliable service you can trust."
    -Sandra C.,Practice Manager, Pediatric Medicine
  • Thank you Advance Communications! When my tenants need me at 3am or at 2pm, I always know you’ll get the correct information and track me down to deliver my message. Text messaging and email to my Blackberry finally let me get rid of my pager!
    -Richard, Property Manager
  • Finding the right call center to handle order-taking for my company took quite some time. We wanted to make sure our customers felt like they were talking to one of our employees, not one of the hundreds of operators sitting in a large call center. The personal touch and availability of supervisors and managers at Advance Communications was exactly what we were looking for. Now, several years later, our company continues to grow and our customers are taken care of…not matter what time of day. 
    -Cynthia, Retail Sales

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