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We have a premier communications solutions just for you.

If It's Important to You, It's Imperative to Us.


Ron Schlossberg, Advance Communication's owner, can always be reached when you want to talk to "the boss" for any reason.

What do you look for in a call center or answering service?

This is what our clients tell us:

  • Accurate messages
  • Fast answering
  • All message delivery options
  • Staff that promptly and accurately responds to my needs
  • A company where senior management is available when I want them
  • Every caller treated with the ultimate in care, respect, and attention to detail.

Advance Communications gives you all that, and considerably more…as we trust you'll discover as you browse our web site.

For now, let's focus on our depth of experience and present-day capabilities. Advance Communications was founded in 1956 and purchased by Ron Schlossberg in 1987. Ron has been at the helm ever since and is involved daily.

Under Ron's guidance and direction, we remain passionate about delivering world-class service structured to the individual needs of every client we serve: small, medium and large, including local doctors, health management and property management companies, tradesmen...even Fortune 500 companies.

Today, we offer a full range of answering service and call center solutions including: 24-Hour Answering, which includes Medical Answering, Dispatch Services for all type of businesses, message taking for Professional Services, Customer Support of all kinds, and assistance to Website Customers, among others. We offer multiple Call Center Solutions as well, including Order Processing, Membership and Event Registration, Forms Completion and Website interaction.