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We have a premier communications solutions just for you.

Our Phones, and Our Company, Never Sleep.

Hiring an answering service or call center is a necessity for some, and a choice for others.


Peg Pavelchak, Sr. Vice-President - Operations, makes certain that caring and courtesy is a part of every call we answer...not to mention accuracy and quick dispatch.

But either way, Advance Communications helps facilitate business growth while saving money by not having to hire additional staff - along with associated overhead - in the process.

Plus we help maintain your company's image with our crew of highly trained and professional operators.

As a 24/7 answering service, we're ALWAYS there when you and your customers, clients, and patients need us - 365 days a year. That enables you to use your time more efficiently, knowing your calls are being handled properly, professionally, and promptly…just as you expect.

Our Answering Services Can Be Organized into Three Primary Categories:

  • Medical Answering - Our doctors and health management companies insist on prompt and accurate handling of patient and client calls. We are heavily experienced in medical answering and understand the importance of gathering required information in highly detailed fashion. We dispatch without delay, following the specific instructions of each of our doctors and other health management clients. 
  • Trades, Property Management and Towing Services - Some businesses have a high proportion of time-sensitive messaging. Callers who require an urgent response want to hear a caring, intelligent voice to instill in them the confidence that their messages will be dispatched quickly and accurately. Advance Communications offers you that assurance, and our operators fulfill the promise. 
  • Professional Services, Computer Support, Sales Organizations, Web support - Many of our clients feel that the "sound" of their answering service should be an extension of their office or organization. From the style in which we answer - coupled with the ability to provide specific information on behalf of each client - Advance Communications serves as a partner in helping to grow your business.

Information Gathering

All the data you want our operators to have at their disposal appears on a monitor the minute your phone rings. Frequently asked questions regarding location, current pricing - even your latest status and availability - are transmitted to your caller per your exact instructions.

How do you prefer to receive your messages?   Based on the way you choose to do business, we can:

Send Encrypted messages to your Smart Phone

Hold messages for pickup from voicemail or live operator:

  •   Deliver messages to pagers
  •   Text messages to cell phones
  •   Fax messages...from routine messages to all dispatches from the previous day
  •   E-mail messages direct to your computer
  •   Provide any combination of the above, based on your needs, any time of day
  • Answering Options
  • Live Operator - The phone is answered by a smiling voice on each call in the exact manner you request.
  • Voice Mail with operator revert - The phone is answered by a recorded announcement explaining who has been reached, giving the option to either leave a message or call back during regular business hours. For urgent calls, we provide a "push Zero" option to connect with an operator.
  • Essential Components to all Our Answering Services
  • Accurate name and company spelling and phone number confirmation for every caller.
  • Operators who are trained to follow even the most difficult on-call dispatch schedules.
  • Operators who are trained to listen, calm callers and take control of each call with an empathetic and caring voice.
  • Operators who are trained on how to differentiate between routine and emergency calls.
  • Ongoing monitoring of each operator station to assure every protocol is being followed.
  • Our own personal touch…each operator includes their own name when answering.
  • Ease in making permanent or temporary changes to your account.
  • Archived message retrieval for up to one year.

At Advance Communications, we ask you "why worry about missed or mishandled phone calls?" Because now, you don't have to…especially since, no matter what the need, "We Can Handle That!"

Toll Free: 800-923-8262