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Advance Communications Takes You Straight to the Top...
In More Ways than One

Phones don't stop working, but many businesses do when it's time to go home.  At best, they leave an auto response that provides information, but doesn't connect the call to someone who can help immediately.

You deserve more than that, and we deliver. 

Rapid Response from People in the Know

Call us with a question or concern, and you'll be immediately connected to a member of our senior staff.  If you choose you can even speak directly with, at any time, company president, Ron Schlossberg. 

More than that, you can always reach the person you most want or need to speak with.  We don't use voice mail when we answer your calls to us. A member of our management team answers each call personally to expedite your service request. At Advance Communications, there's never a "holiday" from responding to your needs.

Like a Finely Tailored Suit, We're Just the Right Fit

As odd as it seems, some call centers go to great lengths to fit the proverbial square peg into a round hole.  At Advance Communications, we provide customized solutions…not the "one size fits all" variety.

That's how we do things around here.  In a nutshell, we listen first and make recommendations later.

Employee Training Begins BEFORE We Hire


Before we extend an offer of employment, we make sure that each individual already holds the keys to success:  verbal communications skills coupled with a caring demeanor and attitude.  Then they undergo a rigorous training program that can last up to 90 days before they start handling your calls.  Once on the job, all operators have their calls reviewed regularly to assure consistent quality and to provide additional training where needed.

After all, who knows and understands your needs better than the operators with whom you interact daily?  We encourage and welcome THEIR suggestions on how we can better serve you. 

For the ultimate in control and client care, all of our employees are located within the continental U.S.

                                          You can bank on it!






We know and appreciate just how much you value service reliability.  Here are a few facts about our company we're confident you'll find reassuring, especially since we know you need us online 24/7:


  • We're available to serve you during the most severe of weather conditions and on every major (or minor!) holiday.
  • Advance Communications has its own emergency backup power generator that kicks in automatically in the event of public power loss.
  • We have a backup phone system at each operator station that allows us to continue taking messages if our main system should go out.
  • Plus we staff two separate locations that can and do assist one another in the event of an emergency or increased call volume.

There's really only one way to function effectively as a call center: with a total commitment from every member of our staff.  That's how it is at Advance Communications.  And that's the way our clients like it. 

Toll Free: 800-923-8262